Meet De Heek!

De Heek is an international band originating in The Hague. The name is a nod to the Dutch phonetical pronunciation of the city in English. The band assembled through a shared passion for busking. Still, after many gigs at bars, weddings, festivals and events, the element of street music rawness can be traced back in their performances.


Our Dutch-Spanish frontman enjoys putting his passion for languages and entertainment into play.

Known for his high energy and a red tambourine strapped to his right foot.


Our Namibian saxophonist soulfully decorates each and every song.

Known for his ever-laid-back appearance and his fondness for Peruvian psychedelic funk.


Our Turkish all-rounder is a virtuoso on most instruments you shove in his hands.

Known for his slapping bass solos and his high 'show man' degree.


Our Italian cajón player makes sure the right rhythms arrive on time.

Known for his big smile and signature covers of 'Bella Ciao' and 'Stand by Me'.


Our Spanish percussionist is truly the king of the bongos with a quarter century of experience.

Known for his Latin beats and his San Miguel affection.